Circus Collection

As coming with a pop of vibrancy – and meticulously handcrafted, the Circus Collection from 2C will bring an artistic flair to your interior. Combining traditional craftsmanship, original designs, Nikki from 2C breathes her passion for texture and geometric patterns into her creation, inspired  by art of all periods. Especially the roaring 20’s to 30’s for this Circus Collection.

Using premium soft cotton velvet as a favorite base fabric, the denim canvas is a perfect companion with his well known feeling and indigo color. Playing with minimalist and maximalist dimensions, the highlight is the versatile and double sided interpretation.
The Circus Collection is made to expose each part of every cushion, thereby you have the pleasure to quickly change the exposed color.

This theme is a joyful carousel of colors, volumes and textures, also a variety of shapes and sizes will enhance your home. In an instant revise the scenography of your decor with these bold and elegant cushions.

Welcome Home… Merci.